Rabbi Steve Gross

Rabbi Gross was born in Detroit and raised in California.  He received his BA  at the University of California at San Diego in Communications.  He earned a MA in Educational Technology from San Diego State University.  In 1996 Rabbi Gross was ordained from the Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati.  As a student he served congregations in North Dakota, Colorado, Tennessee, and Ohio.

Rabbi Gross moved to Houston in 1996 and served as assistant rabbi and then associate rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel until 2005.  These were very formative years for him as he grew in his understanding of serving as a rabbi.  He is currently the rabbi at the Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism near the Galleria.  He brings great energy to the pulpit and often uses his guitar to add to the worship environment.

Formative in his life was a year (1985) spent studying comparative religions around the world.  He ventured to twelve countries to study Christianity in Europe, Judaism in Israel, Islam in Egypt, Hinduism in India, Taoism in China, and Buddhism in Nepal and Japan.  On these travels he learned that all people seek the same things in life – we simply seek them in different ways.  He came to see that divine sparks are everywhere.  His experience of traveling and study brings great insight to the TRUTH board.

Rabbi Gross is married to Becky and they have four children.