The Balkans
April 26 - May 5, 2010

Read About Our Trip in the Following Blogs Written by Dr. Jill Carroll

To the Balkans We Go | Who Are You? | Ice Cream and Ethnic Cleansing | Faster Than The Dead


Our first journey will be for faith and cultural leaders in Houston.  This group will represent a broad base of religious and cultural communities in the Greater Houston area.  There will be 20 people selected for the first trip. 

On the journey we will meet with a variety of people who have been rebuilding their communities and culture and shaping them to be places of peace and hope.  Our Dialogue Facilitator will be Randall Butler, Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainable Peace here in Houston.  Mr. Butler has made 7 trips to this area since 2002 and has been helping build a network of leaders with a vision for sustainable peace.

Within two months of this journey there will be a three day emersion into “Houston” where we will become more connected to the issues that face our Greater Houston area. 

Click here for a detailed pdf brochure with more information about this trip.

Nominations for people to attend may be sent to Steve Quill at    Forms will then be made available for the nomination and the application.  Click here to download the trip application. Financial assistance will be available as determined by the board of directors.

Pre-Meeting March 24th, 2010
Travel Group
Randy Butler