Comments on Rev. Steve Quill’s speaking gifts:

  • Steve grabs your interest from start to end.  He brings the Bible and life together in unmatched ways.  He’s the best “story teller” I’ve ever heard and speaks with true faith and wisdom.  Bill and Dee Tomarelli
  • Steve speaks with eloquence, great stories, conviction, spirit-filled honesty, and causes action filled with renewed spirit.  Chopin and Joan Kiang.
  • Steve Quill is relevant, challenging and on-point.  His commitment to peace and justice comes through every word.  He holds an audience in his hands and can make you laugh and cry, but most importantly, THINK.  Bishop Mike Rinehart, “Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.”
  • I’ve known Steve for over 30 yrs.  I’ve taught with him in various settings.   His style is down to earth biblically relevant, and marvelous stories laced with great humor.  Rev. Dr. Charles Kindsvatter, Pastor Emeritus at Lord of Life Lutheran Church in The Woodlands.
  • For two years we heard Steve at Lord of Life.  We found ourselves eager to hear his next sermon.  He met every challenge with new and interesting insights, plain-spoken with humor, humility and wonderful illustrations from life.  He NEVER had a “down day” in two years.  Charles and Lois Payton – The Woodlands
  • When disaster struck locally, nationally or world-wide Steve would touch me every time in a profound and meaningful way.  Bonnie Pollan – Sugar LandI remember his sermons from 15 years ago.  He can tackle any difficult moral and ethical issue in a visceral profound and thought provoking way.  He could soothe us in our troubles, assuage us in our grief and encourage us in our joy.  He’s got a rare gift.  Al Pollan – Sugar Land